Zoya Malik
Media artworks, painting, photos
Instagram: @zoyasinsta

Artist Statement

Zoya, born in Karachi, Pakistan, creates media artworks, paintings, and photos. Zoya’s obsession with stories began as a child, and since then she’s been exploring history, narratives, and communication in some way, shape or form. Stories, to her, are a reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit, a celebration of the awe and wonder of life. Sharing stories through art can open an unexpected connection between two otherwise unrelated people. In this series, Zoya explores themes of melancholy, fear, resilience, memory, and hope. The collected, altered and created media artworks, combining unrelated aspects, lead to surprising analogies and are meant to draw the audience in to consider more carefully the subtle details. The invitation is to perhaps listen to rather than see the story being conveyed. In discovering these stories, she hopes the viewer will, through their own interpretations, discover themselves in them. Zoya currently lives and works in Boston.

For information about purchasing works, please email malik.z@husky.neu.edu.

Jaffa Road


Brunch in Paris

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