Peg O’Connell
Film-based photography

Artist Statement:

I am a film-based photographer. 

What does “a film based photographer” mean? It means that a person (me) still shoots with cameras that require film. Negatives and photographs are produced in a darkroom as opposed to a computer. And in all honesty, I adore the magic of working in a darkroom. If you have ever worked in a darkroom and have experienced the image appearing on the paper in the developing tray, you know exactly what I mean when I say that it is magical.  

 I am intrigued with the older photographic processes. Instead of moving towards digital photography, I love exploring the ways photographers had produced photographs before me. 

What are some examples of older photographic processes? Here are a few that I  enjoy working with: 

Platinum photography – this is a black and white photographic printing process in which platinum and/or palladium salts are the metals that create the tones from black to white on the photograph. 

Cyanotypes – this is a photographic printing process created in 1842 by astronomer John Hershel, who was looking for a way to copy his notes.  Cyanotypes are also called blueprints or sun prints. They are the basis for architectural blueprints. 

Hand Colored Photography – before there was color photography,  photographers would apply paint to their black & white photographs to make  them more realistic looking 

How to see my artwork online: 


FaceBook: @PegOConnellPhotography 

Instagram: @PegOConnell

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