Zoe Schein
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My practice is equal parts studious and playful. I don’t consider art an outlet for my  exuberant curiosity so much as an inlet: a way to structure deep and intensive learning  free of classroom learning’s rote, impersonal tradition. For me, structuring learning around the arts allows me to sidestep educational preoccupation with “mastery,” and to instead prioritize the experiences of curiosity and wonder. 

While the images in the Reflections series presented a clear technical challenge, the  conceptual questions were far less cut and dry. The images in the series don’t quite  know what they are. At first glance they appear to be portraits – the artist’s figure is  usually positioned both as the largest object in the composition and at site of least  distortion in the image. The objects and interiors that surround the figure appear to  recede into areas of less compositional significance. Still, these images strike me first  and foremost as still lives. The objects in which the images are reflected are present in  every drawing – sometimes visible and bounded, sometimes only implied by the  distortion of the image. Some images allow the object to be identified easily, while some  offer only hints to the fact of the reflective object: a handle, a hand, a reflected tile  countertop, or even simply the pattern of distortion itself. I aim for these drawings to  invite viewers to move between visual frameworks as they contemplate the pieces: to  see them in turn as independently distorted images and as drawings that foreground the  distorting object itself.



IG: @zoe_schein_art 

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