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How did you arrive at the Brookline Arts Center? What sparks your interest in our organization?

After graduating college with a degree in Communications and Women’s Gender Studies, I wasn’t sure where my path would take me. I did know, however, that whatever my next step was, it would be in the direction of a cause that I believed in. Then I found the BAC on LinkedIn and, lucky enough, they were hiring! The stars aligned for me that summer of 2021. Haven’t looked back since! 

Tell us about your background. How did you become interested in marketing and content?

I have always wanted to help people, to give back in some sort of way. This was instilled in me by the West End House Boys & Girls Club, an afterschool and summer program I attended from ages 7-18. There I was introduced to several forms of art including painting, ceramics, dance, theater, and photography. I met so many people with such strong dreams and visions for themselves. I was a perceptive kid and an empath at heart. I wanted everyone to reach for their dreams and unlock their highest potential. That’s why I love marketing and creating content, I love being able to showcase someone’s skill, talent, or business. I enjoy the idea of bringing others one step closer to their goals and exploring different ways of storytelling. It’s fulfilling work, to say the least. 

What passions do you bring to the BAC community?

In my free time, you might find me dabbling in poetry, short stories, photography, or stalking trends on Tiktok and watering my many houseplants. My aspirations are to become a successful content creator and creative director. That’s the kind of energy I’m bringing every single day. 

What has brought you the most joy as BAC’s Marketing & Content Editor? 

The BAC and the beautiful people here have already taught me so much and I am forever grateful for them. I learned web design, marketing, grant writing, digital design, and the list goes on. But by far, the most joy I’ve had in this position is taking pictures of the cute tiny faces that grace our spaces every session. Nothing makes me happier. 

What was your favorite childhood art project?

Does making s’mores count? Because that is it. 

What artists or kinds of art are you into right now? 

Right now I’m really into Renaissance artists. Especially work from the Harlem Renaissance- what a transformative time. 

What are three things that you would want the BAC community to know about you?

  • I love trying new things
  • My hair is also my art 
  • I have a website, check me out sometime! ->

BAC staff profile picture