We continue to think about you, our community, during this very difficult time, and will continue to provide you with much-needed uplifting creative content.

We believe that art has a powerful and vital role to play during this time of crisis. People across the globe, both young and old, are using art to connect with one another and inspire change. It is clear that we need each other, and art, now more than ever.

The Brookline Arts Center needs your help to get to the other side of this pandemic.

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Tuition typically covers 78% of the BAC’s annual operating costs. The inevitable reduction in spring (and possibly summer) enrollment will be a devastating loss to our organization and our ability to fulfill our mission to forge community through art, as well as our ability to support our staff and faculty.

We know the current situation will not last forever. Eventually, our classes will resume in person, we will be able to gather again for events and gallery exhibitions, and we will continue our outreach programs with partners throughout Brookline and beyond. But in order to get to that brighter future, and in order to ensure the BAC will still be here when we come out on the other side, we need your help right now.

Please invest in the arts by donating today. 

Our community is strong, whether we gather in person or online. And our staff and faculty are doing everything we can to provide engaging creative and educational experiences online. You can learn more about Art at Home and our Virtual Spring Session. But we still need your help.

For over 56 years, the BAC has been an incubator of ideas, a hub of inspiration and a diverse epicenter for creative expression. We are honored to be a home for the arts in Brookline and beyond, and with your help today, we will be able to welcome artists and makers of all ages for generations to come.

Please be well and take care during this time. Thank you for your commitment to the arts and for your generosity. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Donate Today!

Contributions to the Brookline Arts Center are 100% tax deductible