How did you get involved with the Brookline Arts Center?
Through the opportunity of Echo Trobridge Artist Residency presented by Brookline Art Center, I was honored to be included as the artist in residence from mid June till the end of July, 2021. The residency period also concluded with a month-long exhibition in the Monmouth Gallery space, where I was fortunate enough to be able to utilize as a personal studio to create the new work.

Tell us about your background. How did you become interested in art?Born and raised in central Vietnam, I spent my first thirteen years there before migrating to reunite with my family in Massachusetts. I attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell where my encounter with Fine Arts was prominent and continued to grow into the work you see now. With the wonderful support from the Umass Lowell faculties, I was able to explore this language of making and seeing in such a meaningful way that resonated with how I communicate naturally.

What passions do you bring to the BAC community?
Continuously presented throughout my body of work and way of being is the practice of observation and questioning the symbiotic relationships all around us. I hope this process of viewing carries through where viewers can recognize, including myself, many wonders within everyday life’s nuances and their significant contributions to the much larger environment.

What do you enjoy most about the BAC?
While working at Brookline Arts Center, I am constantly finding myself admiring the extensive programming that the organization is providing for the community. Such valuable outreach and opportunities for more people to get involved in art should never be underestimated. I have had the honor of observing from afar the classes offered there, and the diversity of ages, engaged communities, and the ever energetic and enthusiastic educators are really laudable.

What was your favorite childhood art project?
Since very young, I can remember constantly drawing characters from my manga collection, to the point of memorization and not needing references anymore from those books I cherished so much. I would cut out those characters that had filled every page of many notebooks, taped them all up to cover our living room and presented them as an exhibition, while patiently waiting for family members to come across and be immersed in this accumulated world.

Who are some of your art heroes?
Some of the artists that I feel closely related to or resonate with are Mark Dion, Ann Hamilton, Sarah Sze, to name a few.

Do you have anything exciting coming up?
This coming September, I will be participating in the Stuart Artist-in-Residence program at South Dakota State University, and Fountainhead Residency in Miami later in October. I am also working toward a solo exhibition at the Atlantic Center for the Arts which will take place in the Spring of 2022.