Elizabeth Ponce
BAC Program Coordinator

How did you arrive at the Brookline Arts Center?
In fall 2019, not too long after graduating from college, I moved from New Jersey to Boston and began working with the visitor services department at a university’s contemporary art museum. After moving to Brookline in fall 2020, I happened upon a job posting for the Program Coordinator role with the BAC and immediately applied. I have always enjoyed engaging with people about art but it has been really exciting and interesting to work with the BAC behind the scenes in developing programs for artists and art lovers of all ages.

Tell us about your background. How did you become interested in art?
I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a family of artists and I think I’ve always been encouraged and inspired to create like the people around me. I’ve also had some really great art teachers throughout my childhood, some that I keep in touch with to this day, so those positive people and experiences kept art as a main interest of mine all the way into adulthood.

What passions do you bring to the BAC community?
I’m passionate about providing a space for marginalized artists to learn, grow and be in the spotlight. It’s great to work with a community arts center that really has a hand in ensuring the art world can become and remain a more inclusive space.

What do you enjoy most about the BAC?
As a new member of the BAC community, I’m grateful for how welcoming everyone has been. Although a lot of my meet and greets with members of the community have been via Zoom rather than in-person, I have definitely felt embraced. I appreciate that everyone at the BAC has made me feel so at home during a time where it’s easy to feel distant and disconnected from others.

What was your favorite childhood art project?
That’s a tough question. I don’t know if I could pick one single project. Growing up, I was most interested in 3D art projects and crafts. I can say that one of my favorite art classes I ever took was Mr. Black’s Art & Crafts class in eighth grade. I also loved anything I made in the many ceramics classes I took throughout high school, from little pinch-pots to eventually learning to throw on a pottery wheel.

Who are some of your art heroes?
My mom, my aunt Jeni and my Gran’ma Wood.

Do you have anything exciting coming up?
This year, I’m really looking forward to working with our gallery committee to bring some great exhibitions to both our Annex Gallery and our (relatively new) Beacon Street Gallery. I think that through difficult times, art can be an escape for so many. I’m excited for upcoming shows to bring some light to the lives of both the artists and the public.

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