Evelyn Berde

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. My earliest recollection of drawing is holding my father’s carpenter pencil and scribbling all over the lampshades in the living room. Growing up in the Old West End of Boston inspired me to draw faces of many people who had recently immigrated to this lively neighborhood. Drawing pots and pans filled with delicious sauces and soups; sketching pictures of pigeons, perched on the sills of windows on my building; and creating sculptures with fallen bricks found in the rubble on the streets about to be claimed by Urban Renewal.  My mother would have me sit at the kitchen table for hours at a time, drawing everything in her sight. “Can you draw the toaster? The stove? The coffee pot? The chairs and table?” and on and on. She was one of my first supporters!

After graduating from Massart I became a public school art teacher. For two long years, I taught 9 classes a day at 7 schools a week. I then became a Child Life Specialist at Children’s Hospital for 12 years.  Working with very sick children and their families inspired me to work on an installation called “100 Faces” which now hangs in the South End Health Center.

Much of my work was commissioned by Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  One of my favorite pieces is the altar in the Chapel at the hospital.  The space is used by  people of all ideas and faiths.  I decided to paint 4 large panels depicting the 4 Seasons. Since all of our hopes and dreams, living and dying happen throughout the Seasons, I thought it was an appropriate image for this special space.

I’m passionate about using bright colors and textures from all over the world in my work.