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The Infinite Mirage of Rapture by Jaina Cipriano will be on view at the Beacon Street Gallery from July 16 to September 25!

Jaina Cipriano is a Boston based artist communicating with the world through photography, film and installation. Her works explore the emotional toll of religious and romantic entrapment.

Jaina creates her photographs in built sets, forgoing digital manipulation because she believes creating something truly immersive starts with the smallest details. A self taught carpenter, Jaina loves a challenge and her larger than life sets draw inspiration from the picture books and cartoons of her childhood.

“These works communicate the complex grief of growing up as a woman in a culture dedicated to stifling authentic emotion and communication. This is especially precarious for those of us who fear abandonment, as it is easy, in our search for love and connection, to get caught in a web of codependency without any means of emotional salvation.

I am interested in creating a space where people with similar trauma can feel witnessed by others as the first step to liberation from this cycle of silence, the façade of isolation. My pieces depict cut-off subjects struggling to escape liminal spaces. When they realize no one is coming to save them, they seek the strength to save themselves.”

– Jaina Cipriano

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