Levity is a steel wire, cellophane paper, aluminum mesh and steel bar sculpture created by Maria Ritz for Studios Without Walls in 2019.

Ritz’s work incorporates organic and inorganic materials, as well as recycled objects, and brings into tension a constructivist industrial reality and the fragile yet resilient state of nature.

The Brookline Arts Center is pleased to host Levity in partnership with Studios Without Walls throughout Fall 2019. Studios Without Walls is a Brookline-based collaborative of sculptors and conceptual artists who produce art exhibitions in outdoor and public settings.

About the Artist:

“In this installation I see levity as a counterpoint to gravity, a lightness that allows us to soar beyond physical weight. I conceived this piece as a way to frame a frightening experience that brought me within a few seconds of being crushed by a rock slide while hiking in the Italian Alps last summer. As I ran for my life in an automatic ‘flight’ response, un-thinking and propelled by a visceral instinct to live, oscillating between my own corporal weight and an ethereal push for survival, I felt in that moment physical and emotional levity. These three ‘hovering’ boulders embody my own interpretation of the lucky outcome of this experience, but they also remind us that increasingly violent storms like the one that dislodged the very boulders I dodged, will occur more and more because of the effects of global warming. The cages enclosing them symbolize our futile attempt at trying to control the immense and unpredictable power of nature.”

Born in Portugal and raised in France, Maria Ritz came to the United States in 1975. She earned a BA in literature and art history, and an MA in art history and museum studies. She studied painting with Albert Alcalay and sculpture with Joyce McDaniel. Her work incorporates steel, bronze, stone, glass, as well as organic materials. The combination of such disparate elements brings into tension a constructivist industrial reality and the fragile but resilient state of nature, a state of equilibrium of which we are an integral part. For the past several years, she has shown her public art installations with Figment Boston, the Energy Necklace Project, Harbor Arts at the East Boston Shipyard and Art Rocks Spy Pond in Arlington. She has been a member of Studios Without Walls since 2011.