Gillian Jackson
Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

Gillian Jackson was born and raised in the north of England. In 1982 she moved to Bermuda where, inspired by the clear bright light, contrasts and startling colors, she began studying and pursuing photography. She has used this experience in her work, consistently trying to capture and frame beauty wherever it may be found, either the obvious, or, more commonly, in more obscure surroundings. 

As a natural progression Gillian interprets her photographs through various media: tinted Venetian plaster, watercolors and, most recently, working with richly pigmented resin, fluid acrylics, and alcohol inks to produce vibrant abstract sea and landscapes, that convey movement and depth through complex layering. Two important themes in her work are found in man-made structures and natural settings, sometimes striving to show the juxtaposition between the two. Gillian’s work also often explores the destructive relationship between mankind and nature.


Instagram: @gillianjacksonart 

Twitter: @art_gillian 

Facebook: Gillian Jackson Art & Photography 


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