Giti Ganjei
Mixed Media and Paint

Artist Statement:
Primary colors and paint brushes are the tools of my conceptual paintings. I use simple forms, vivid colors along with birds, trees, the female body, and nature as metaphors to tell the story of our lives. I use oil paint and brush for more subtle concepts and acrylic paint and knife for more bold results. In occasions I use other media to compliment and amplify my feelings.
As a woman artist, with socially sensitive inner vision, my commitment is to bring awareness to the world by my paintings. Many of my paintings have been enthused by my own life experiences as a woman, a daughter and a mother.
Expressing my own inner voice enables me to inspire and empower women, to gain a clear vision, and courage to overcome old beliefs, limitations, and gender inequality.
What drives me the most is my passion for justice, freedom and opportunity to choose.