Jessica Nora
Artist, Brookline Open Studios & Markteplace

How did you get involved with the Brookline Arts Center and Brookline Open Studios?
I was able to join Brookline Open Studios when they put out a call to support marginalized groups, seeking more diverse representation by offering discounted admission. As a disabled queer Brookline artist, I was asked to join this wonderful event to have my voice heard.

Tell us about your background. How did you become interested in art?
I am an art activist and an art therapist. I can’t think of a time where I wasn’t interested in some form of art. For me, art is more a way of life. It’s how I see the world around me. It’s how I communicate: with the world, with myself, with my own raw emotions and trauma.

What passions do you bring to the BAC community and Brookline Open Studios?
I have a passion for activism. I love making art that makes a statement and using my art to support causes that are important to me. I always have at least one series that raises money for an important cause. Currently, my biggest series is a Jews stand for Black Lives Matter series raising money for Black-run grassroots organizations.

What do you enjoy most about the BAC and Brookline Open Studios?
I’m excited to be able to get to know some of the other artists in the community. It’s wonderful to be able to have studio shares and artist interviews to make art available to everyone. Art is not always accessible. This pandemic has allowed us to come up with creative solutions that have also made so many cultural arts accessible to the masses, including disabled folks like me who are not always able to physically attend events such as open studios.

What was your favorite childhood art project?
I loved playing with chalk!  I loved being able to play with color and tell a story on the pavement.

Who are some of your art heroes?
Guerilla Girls, Louise Bourgeois, Vincent Van Gogh, and Keith Haring

Do you have anything exciting coming up?
Currently, a custom piece of mine will be available for auction raising money for those with Temporary Protected Status.  I also will be an artist doing a talk for Brookline Open Studios on Tuesday, November 17th!

Check out Jessica Nora’s work in our Virtual Brookline Open Studios & Marketplace, and join us for an artist talk on Instagram Live November 17 at 2PM!
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