BAC student Jude Corrado, age 14
Llama created in Teen Jewelry & Metals

What made you decide to start taking classes at the Brookline Arts Center?
I started taking jewelry and metal intensives at the BAC when I was 12 because I loved working with metal and soldering.

How did you become interested in art?
I have always loved art since I was young. Art has been a way for me to be mindful as well as express my creativity through detail oriented projects.  I love working with metal because of the intricate skills it requires.

What inspires the artwork you make at the BAC?
I am inspired by the things I love in life, my hobbies and my family. I love making jewelry for friends and family because I can create something special and unique to their personalities.

What do you enjoy most about taking classes at the BAC?
I love the teachers who have become my mentors at the BAC. I have learned so much and have developed skills while following my own creativity. The environment at the BAC is supportive, friendly, professional and challenging and has allowed me to grow as a young artist.

What has been your favorite art project?
My favorite art project was making the llama and I am honored that it is on the cover of the BAC fall catalogue.

Who are some of your art heroes?
Sheppard Ferry is one of my favorite artists because his  creativity is authentic and inspirational.

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