How did you arrive at the Brookline Arts Center? What sparks your interest in our organization?

I attended MassArt, and I remember the small jewelry and metals department’s special relationship with the BAC, so it was a very exciting day when I was recommended by my old professor Heather White to start teaching here this summer!

Tell us about your background. How did you become interested in jewelry-making?

My first metals class was an enameling elective during my freshman year at MassArt. I remember everyone wanted to take glass blowing, but I couldn’t wait to try something that I honestly had never even really heard of before. It was the unknown factor that hooked me- I had attended magnet schools during middle and high school where I was funneled down a traditional “Art” path for years, but I had no experience with metalsmithing. The introduction to a real life metal studio was kind of earth shattering for me, I couldn’t get enough of it. By the end of that semester, my major was decided and I was set on a new path. 

What passions do you bring to the BAC community?

I am passionate about experimenting, and trying to do things a little differently than the “traditional.” I am passionate about social justice and prison reform. I am passionate about inclusion, that everyone can make “art.”

What has brought you the most joy in your profession? 

Jewelry making is incredibly personal- it’s a medium that doesn’t just sit on a shelf or hang on a wall, it’s worn, on someone’s body, against their skin. It brings me so much joy to see when other people wear something that I made for them, with my own two hands. I’d describe myself as your typical introvert, usually stuck inside my own brain, but jewelry helps me connect with others in a way I never expected.

What was your favorite childhood art project?

Hah! I used to love when we would make playdough with my mom. Her version of playdough was literally just flour and water, but it was so fun! The stakes were low, and I lived to make weird little lumpy “bowls” and “cups” and then “fire” them (bake them). I think she still has a few of them lying around.

What artists or kinds of art are you into right now? 

Paloma Vega, Steffie Gotze, Reka Fekete, Laura Estrada, Jana Machatova

What are three things that you would want the BAC community to know about you?

Oh this is a hard one haha- I want them to know that while I have about 12 years of metalsmithing under my belt, I am new to teaching but so thrilled for the opportunity, that I’m a Capricorn haha, and a very silly and random fun fact about me is that I can bark like a dog (my own dog claims it’s shockingly accurate).