Painting and Sculpture
June 19-July 24, 2015
Reception: Friday June 26, 6:00-8:00pm

A graduate of renowned institutions such as Cooper Union in New York, MIT and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Barney Berliner, along with his wife Mim, founded the Brookline Arts Center in 1964. The Berliners worked to fulfill a mission to provide quality art classes taught by professional artists to students of all ages in Brookline and surrounding communities.

“Art is life,” Berliner said in his artist statement, “and in every era artists reflect through their skills and philosophy what we are going through.  Some create with written material, and others create sculpture, painting, music and architecture.  Each must have a concept that he/she reflects on, and wants to communicate to others through form, color and rhythm. My own feeling is that there is enough trouble in the world and I want to bring more humor and happiness for us to reflect on,” he said.

Berliner works in mixed media. His work is often described as whimsical or playful, which is shown through his imaginative use of mediums like acrylic paint and found objects. Apart from the Brookline Arts Center, Berliner has also exhibited his works at Brookline Town Hall and the Brookline Senior Center. He is a World War II Veteran, awarded 5 Bronze Stars for his service, and has taught classes at MIT, The Boston Architectural College, Boston University and the Brookline Arts Center. Berliner is a founding member of the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation, which has provided many appreciated stage shows and films.