July 22-August 26, 2016
Reception: Friday, July 29, 6:00-8:00pm

The Brookline Arts Center is pleased to present Omneity by Steve Sangapore and On-Kyeong Seong.

Boston-based artists Steve Sangapore and On Kyeong Seong’s exhibition displays the cohesive theme of universal connectedness through the lens of science, objectivity and shared truth.

This duel exhibition emits a deep and inherent sense of humility and curiosity toward nature. The duality between consciousness and matter is a prevalent theme expressed through scientific and biological archetypes, as well as images of the natural world. Together, the artists’ works collaborate towards making a connection between the tangible impermanence of matter with transcendental, spiritual unity through shape, depth, texture and arrangement. As a result, the works rouse the audience to unearth and illuminate mankind’s indelible state of unknowing and curiosity for what we experience as life and reality.

Coming from vastly different backgrounds, the two artists bring forth unique points of view in analyzing the natural world. Biology, philosophy, cosmology and sociology are all tapped realms which both artists illustrate using various mediums and refined techniques.

Steve Sangapore is an artist based in Boston, MA. He is a graduate of Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT with a BA in Studio Art, Graphic Design and Music. Sangapore’s work is currently exhibiting and publishing nationally and has recently been featured on the cover of Art Ascent Journal of Art & Literature. He has also been published in the Creative Quarterly Journal for Art & DesignArt Business NewsStudio Visit Magazine and has won awards in the northeastern region.

On-Kyeong Seong grew up in Seoul, South Korea where she worked in childhood education. After years of experience in teaching, she moved to the United States in pursuit of an education career and to expand her experience as an artist. Seong exhibits her work throughout the northeast and is currently producing art in the Greater Boston area.