This spring we will be offering a variety of classes that offer teens the opportunity to explore artistic mediums of their choosing in both a focused and fun environment. Classes encourage individual artistic exploration as well as introduce and develop techniques and skills for each medium. Each class is led by a professional working artist in their field.

***Please review our Spring 2022 COVID-19 Policies for In-Person Classes before registering!***

Registration closes Thursday at 5:00PM the week before each class is scheduled to start. Please contact Monday-Friday between 9:00AM-5:00PM with any questions.

Financial aid is available for all classes. Learn more.

Please refrain from registering anyone who is not related to you or your child.
Separate registration is required for non-related registrations.


Drawing & Painting Immersion (Ages 12-17)
(7 weeks)

Mondays, April 25 – June 13
(No class 5/30)
3:30PM – 5:30PM
: Julianne Martin (she/her)

Class Fee: $240, Materials: $35

Take your love of drawing and painting to the next level in this fun, exploratory class that will allow young artists to develop their technical skills, expand their perspective on the world of art, and collaborate with peers. We will experiment with drawing and painting from imagination, observation, and instruction, allowing ourselves to be influenced along the way by artists of the past and present. Join us to create your own artwork with pencil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, and more media that will challenge and inspire you.

Jewelry & Metals (Ages 12-17)
(5 session options)

Mondays, April 25 – June 13 (7 weeks)
(No class 5/30)

3:30PM – 5:30PM
Teacher: Lauren Blais (she/her)
Class Fee: $240, Materials: $45

Tuesdays, April 26 – June 14 (8 weeks)
No Class 5/3
Makeup Class on 6/21
3:30PM – 5:30PM
Teacher: Ashley Vick (she/her)
Class Fee: $275, Materials: $35

Wednesdays, April 27 – June 15 (8 weeks)
3:30PM – 5:30PM
Teacher: Nanette Pengelley (she/her)
Class Fee: $275, Materials: $35

Thursdays, April 28 – June 16 (8 weeks)
3:30PM – 5:30PM
Teacher: Nanette Pengelley (she/her)
Class Fee: $275, Materials: $35

Fridays, April 29 – June 17 (8 weeks)
3:30PM – 5:30PM
Teacher: Laura Jaklitsch (she/her)
Class Fee: $275, Materials: $45

Make beautiful jewelry with instruction from a working artist. They will guide you to shape, polish, solder, pierce, etch and embellish jewelry in copper and brass. Hollow forms, stones settings, stone inlay, repousse, and reticulations will also be introduced.

Draw Like A Pro (Ages 12-17)
(8 weeks)

Thursdays, April 28 – June 16
3:30PM – 5:30PM
Teacher: Zoe Schein (they/them)
Class Fee: $275, Materials: $35

Draw what you see and see what you draw! In this introductory-level class, students will learn the essentials of drawing technique – specifically drawing from observation and reality. Students will try their hands at classic subjects like still life and portraiture (as well as subjects of their choice!) using a variety of different tools and media. Students will study composition – that is, how a picture “speaks” to us – and explore how they can use that language themselves to communicate their own thoughts and ideas through artwork.